a HMN Creative production

based on GIRLISH: HMN Creative x Elena Mudd

A launch for The GIRLISH Project: a platform for womxn across all industries to cultivate their own identity, and defy traditional norms. With a tongue-in-cheek approach to gender definitions, we provide an inclusive space for womxn to grow their own community, and access resources for growth in both personal and professional lives.

Video by Holyrad Studio, Music (Original Mix) by Chopstixmami

featuring Cherry

featuring Cherry

Based on GIRLISH: HMN Creative x Elena Mudd

A gif series that subverts the connotation of the word "girl" - equating women with the sweet, small, and fragile - to elevate womxnhood in all its forms. This project embraces and takes ownership of what it means to be feminine.

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based photographer, Elena Mudd


Co-hosted with Collective BAE

BAE is a celebration of female creativity and divine feminine energy. It is a gathering of our collective evolution and the vitality of reclaimed spaces curated, produced, and performed by women, for ALL. Our intention is to elevate the feminine and empower the female creator — to provide space to put her art, her potential, her creativity, her humanity before anything else (B.A.E).


In Mutual Support with The She Fights Foundation

A GIRLISH Launch is in mutual support with She Fights Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that offers free boxing and jiu jitsu classes to girls aged 14-19 in New York City with the goal of fostering empowerment through combat sports, instilling strength, tenacity, and self-patience. Officially launched in November of 2017 with just three students, She Fights has now grown to over 30 students enrolled in the program.

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Gifpop, Maude, Woofer & Tweeter

Society Nine , Overthrow Boxing

All photos by Holyrad Studio