HMN: 4 / 8 / 16

Art by Prisca Choe | Video by Christian McLaren

What does it mean to be in a human body? Through photography, live installation, projection mapping, and more, HMN celebrated and examined the way in which we live as bodies, within bodies, and potray bodies in the larger context of society and humanity.

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Projection Installation by Sergio Mora-Diaz

This interactive installation utilized visual projection and Kinect technology to react to guests' movement as they stepped into the projection field. The piece prompted those who participated to become aware of their own bodies, how it affects the environment, and how it interacts with others in a singular space.


Body Paint Installation by Talia Kirsh

Comprised of three models as a human canvas for paint, this installation allowed guests to join and participate, exploring the line between objectification and appreciation of the human body in relation to art.


Photo Exhibition by Isabella Tan

An exhibition of Isabella Tan's photo project, Humana, explored the beauty in brokenness (and also inspired the name of HMN itself). The exhibition was designed in a small room, entirely lined with soft curtains in order to create an intimate experience with the photos, and create an atmosphere that allowed for reflection by bringing the viewer's body in close proximity to the work.


Photos by Adwa Photography