THREADS is a photo series focused on the identity expression of Asians in America. Seeking to represent a new generation who is finding voice within the in-between, exploring who Asian-America is and can be.

Each subject is photographed wearing the traditional clothing from their ethnic background, with modern styling-elements to reflect the intersection of personal and communal identity.

By creating access to these garments and space for individual expression within the context of tradition, we are taking claim on our narratives.


Our Collaborator

Bao Ngo

Bao Ngo is a Texas-raised, New York-based, Vietnamese-American artist. She was formerly a Communications Design major at Pratt Institute, where her love for connecting with people through visual media bloomed. Bao left school before receiving her degree, and instead began a career in photography. Her work often focuses on constructing highly emotional stories in single frames.

She is passionate about horror films, ABBA, and long drives in the countryside.

Photo of Bao by Carianne Older



Creative Directed & Produced by HMN Creative

Photos by Bao Ngo


Phyllicia Saltzgaber (she/her) - Yukata (Japan)

P.S. Kaguya (she/her) - Hanbok (Korea)

Sammy Kim (they/them/he/him) - Hanboks (Korea)

Xoai Pham (she/her) - Áo Dài (Vietnam)

Zorinah Juan (she/her) - Baro’t Saya (Philippines)

Anna Mikami (she/her) - Yukata (Japan) & Cheongsam (Hong Kong)

Britt Pham (she her) - Sinh (Lao)

Janani Dev (she/her) - Sari (Sri Lanka) with Tunisian jewelry

Lauren Jackson (she her) - Baro’t Saya (Philippines)

Leslie Xia (they/them) - retailored Qipao (China) vest with streetwear